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Many thanks for your feedback on our recent CLIENT SURVEY!  We are working behind the scenes to respond to your suggestions and will unfold each piece to you as we go.

#1 Hard to get make-ups in.

I love hearing this because it tells me you WANT to get your classes in!!!!  Doing your make-ups means you are DOING PILATES and DOING PILATES mean YOU GET RESULTS!

  • SOLUTION #1 - open more spaces for make-ups.  The TWC is proud to have a 6th Tower Reformer.  This means with 33 classes per week on the schedule we have now opened up 33 spots for make-ups!

 Some classes will remain with maximum of 5 to ensure safety and attention (ie: Restorative and some Healthy Back).


#2 More Challenging Classes in the Evening

  • Added Power Pilates Thursdays at 5pm with Danielle.  3 more spots available.  Registration still open!
  • Added BARRE Thursdays 8pm with Danielle (also Sundays 3:30pm)


 We have some more great changes coming your way.  Stay tuned!!!!


Runity Vancouver Story


Now part of our Winter schedule.

Inspired by Pilates, barre and dance, this will be an intense workout using small controlled movements and full body exercises to create a well rounded workout. 


Class time:  Sundays 3:30—4:30 & Thursdays 8—9 pm

Max 6 clients/class

Register for the session or purchase a drop in card.  604.943.8823 or admin@twconline.ca .


Instructor :

Danielle Braund



MELT - LEVEL 2 Hand and Foot Workshop

Learn the next level of hand and foot treatments to improve neck, shoulder, back, hip and knee pain.

Mobilize your joints in your fingers and feet to move better and feel stronger.

Completion of Intro to MELT Workshop a pre-requisite.


Bring your ball kit with you.  We will add the hard large ball, small soft ball and small hard ball.


Recommended to do your mini hand treatment and foot treatment 3x per week in preparation for this workshop.

Date: Friday February 15th - 2:30 - 3:30 pm


Cost: $34 + gst.


Register at the Tsawwassen Wellness Centre




Know you should add weight training to your fitness regime but don’t know what to do? 
Build stronger bones, improve muscle mass, improve posture and get it done. 

Join Joan Littlejohn for a fun, functional and lively hour while you get stronger and gain confidence with weights.


Suitable for clients with osteoporosis or osteopenia and arthritis.
Max 6 clients.

Date: Thursdays 11:45-12:45 January 31—March 8, 2019

Cost: $204


Register or for more information: 604.943.8823 or admin@twconline.ca